Kelly Welch, MSAOM, L.Ac., DOM


Photo of Kelly WelchKelly Welch’s interest in Chinese Medicine was born out of an internal search for a meaningful life initiated by his Jesuit education throughout high school and college. After graduating from college with a finance-accounting degree and working at what was formerly known as Arthur Andersen & Co. in Dallas, TX he took some time to consider the future of his life and what he wanted out of it. This path of inquiry involved a daily, morning meditation which led him to a deeper pursuit of Asian philosophy and then to Chinese Medicine. After researching the top schools in the country for Masters programs in Traditional Chinese Medicine he landed at Bastyr University in Seattle, WA where he completed a four year full time Masters program in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Herbology, met his wife and business partner Kate Yonkers, and departed to establish their Internal Medicine practice in Washington DC. He specializes in the lost discipline of Chinese pulse diagnosis through the lineage of the renowned master John H. F. Shen, as taught to Lonny Jarrett who remains a close friend and teacher. His interest in Chinese medicine specifically involves how he can reach each individual patient most effectively to shift their health towards a more balanced state. As a personal discipline, and to maintain as much balance as possible in his life running a private practice and raising three small children, he practices the Ashtanga Yoga System daily in the morning Mysore tradition.

In 2013, after specializing in Oriental reproductive medicine for over a decade he became the first Board Certified Reproductive Acupuncturist in downtown Washington, D.C

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